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Clear Guidance for Spiritual Awakening & Enlightened Living
Direct, Specialized Guidance & Ongoing Mentoring





Clarifying doubts or confusion


Overcoming obstacles


Refining your understanding 


Exploring greater depths


Stabilizing & integrating to allow for a

mature flowering of enlightenment 



Teaching and comprehensive supportive

materials, practices & tools   


    Ongoing mentoring and support    




"The deepest and greatest transformations in any spiritual journey, occur through working directly one-on-one with a teacher, to clarify and resolve your particular questions,

issues or sticking points.


Real progress can then be made.


The authentic teacher will challenge you to go beyond where you are & have gone before...

Opening the doorway to profound, lasting change."


~ Lesley Skylar 

An invitation to get started:

E m b r a c e   T r u e   F r e e d o m

Awakening is the Doorway to True Liberation

Awakening is a beginning, not an ending.

It is the first step towards discovering and embodying our true identity, and dissolving our attachment to personal

or egoic consciousness.

Our deepest desire to discover our true nature can be realized, bringing with it true freedom, contentment and peace... 

Liberation Lies Beyond Initial Awakening -

This teaching and work is a DIRECT Path that can take you all the way to embodied or integrated realization.

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Direct Pointing -

Direct Pointing -

Who are you?

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview with Lesley Skylar

on deepening & stabilizing awakening,

enlightenment, reality  (Dec 30, 2017):


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