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Awakening is a fundamental shift in how we experience ourselves, and see our lives and the world.


It is the first step towards coming into alignment


with our own true nature, so that we can


become a living embodiment


of our deepest nature.





Truth transforms darkness into light




What Makes Awakening Possible


Awakening becomes possible through a combination of very deep, focused, sustained inquiry into the nature of truth and reality, and what you are as a human being, together with the neutralizing of our conditioning, and dis-identification or purification of our awareness from limited self structures.


It is a recognition and movement from conditioned, dysfunctional patterns and actions,

to a life of spontaneous, free right action.


This shift in perception, identity and functioning is what distinguishes awakening from other, even very profound, spiritual experiences.




Awakening and Enlightenment are Different ‘Stages’ in the Journey


Awakening is an initial opening to the true nature of self and ultimate reality. It is more like a glimpse or opening, and is not fully actualized or embodied.


It is the beginnings of release from the limited, bound, personal identity. There are still many delusions, sticking points, and even confusion, as the new consciousness is not properly or fully integrated.



What is termed realization or enlightenment is abiding, embodied unity consciousness. It is permanent, non-dual awareness permeating and expressed effortlessly in all facets of the life and being.


It is not only a knowing what true nature is, it is being that true nature itself. There is a stabilization and establishment in and as this awareness. It is without inner division. With clarity of vision and non self-referential awareness. The interconnected whole is lived as oneself, as an effortless oneness with the flow of life. 



There is a monumental difference between basic experiential ‘knowing’ and fully embodying.

Which is why awakening and enlightenment are different ‘stages’ in a journey towards ever higher levels of consciousness that has no endpoint, no final destination.



All terms are used only for the sake of communication, and as very approximate pointers to an infinite, ineffable reality.


From Awakening to True Liberation



Transitioning from awakening, to what is referred to as enlightenment, is the true liberation.


The process can be greatly assisted by working with an experienced teacher or guide who knows the territory, and can give helpful guidance, making the journey much more direct, and helping avoid or overcome pitfalls, dead-ends, doubts and confusion.




Beauty, harmony and perfection


 are everywhere




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© Lesley Skylar

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