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Lesley Skylar’s work is described as having


Zen-like clarity and transformative power. 


As a teacher, I am simply the voice of your own deepest being, 

your highest possibilities, reflected back to you.


A clear mirror, reflecting back to you,

your own most authentic true nature.


~ Lesley Skylar




What Lesley shares comes directly from her own in-depth experience & realization


A completely spontaneous, life-altering experience of satori or enlightenment shook Lesley Skylar’s world at about age 9 or 10. Everything, in every facet, shifted unimaginably - nothing was ever the same again. This set her on a life course dedicated to understanding, honoring and living what had been revealed.


Lesley has spent years as a renunciate, living in ashrams and working deeply with direct teachings of enlightenment, in both the East and West. She has studied and practiced Zen Buddhism, Dzogchen and the Nonduality teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. She has a Degree in Psychology, has counselled, and worked in numerous non-profit, peace and human rights endeavors. 


Lesley is a full-time teacher of spiritual awakening. The approach and teaching she shares comes directly from her extensive experience, and was developed and refined through her own realization. It is based on decades of integration and rigorous work with liberation teachings and realized teachers.


Her teaching offers individual or small group guidance for awakening, and also focuses specifically on the post awakening terrain. Many are confused or struggle after awakening as they don’t realize that awakening is a beginning – it is not stabilized and abiding, involves a coming and going of clarity and higher states, a persistent self-sense, and incomplete seeing or depth.

She helps people to move beyond the initial phases of awakening, to clarify and resolve sticking points, subtle aspects of identification, shadow, unconscious beliefs and so on. This creates a deepening, integrating and embodying, which allows liberation and enlightened living to unfold.


She has travelled extensively and lived in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. She is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Lesley offers private sessions worldwide, via Skype/ online video or in person.


Lesley uses her considerable depth and experience to help others skillfully steer clear of what does not work, and to use the clearest and most direct means to awaken, and embody higher consciousness and wholeness. 

Why do I know that what I teach and share exists -

because I have experienced it myself.


I have seen the life-changing shifts in my own life and perspectives, 

and in others I know and have worked with personally.

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© Lesley Skylar

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