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Going All The Way

Happiness, peace and freedom are our natural condition.


But are overridden by our ceaseless, painful


efforts to try to change our experience


Higher development is the pathway to your own deepest, most authentic nature.


It expands and opens you to new possibilities and fuller potentials in all areas of life.



Higher development and enlightenment is NOT about building more evolved, subtle or elaborate structures or fortresses of knowledge. It is about dissolving the control of mind and false mental structures that keep us from direct, clear seeing.



Unconsciousness can never produce that which is conscious. If we want to live conscious lives, we need to bring to awareness & clarify what is unconscious.  


Our conscious awareness is the greatest gift we can give.




Awakening is the first step in a movement towards

complete relinquishment of the personal egoic will.  



IA giving over of the energies of the being, your life force, choices,

will and direction, to the deepest part of yourself.

To true nature.

Artist: Martin Hill


Only true nature, pure consciousness, is your true ‘identity’.


Every other identity is illusion.




Living as our true nature IS

stable, embodied awakening,


or what can be termed enlightenment.



How do you want to live?  



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© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

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