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Enlightenment, or clear seeing, is the direct experience of reality as it is


Without the distortion, alteration, agenda, goals or limitations,


Of a personal self-serving perspective.


Specialized Guidance, Tools and Mentoring



Lesley Skylar is a teacher of awakening and liberation.


She offers specialized guidance, tools and ongoing mentoring and support for:


  •  Spiritual awakening.


  •  Moving beyond initial awakening, to true liberation and embodied enlightenment.


  •  Expanding and deepening our consciousness.


  •  Embodying our deepest realizations.


  •  Overcoming obstacles, resolving difficulties or stuckness, clarifying areas of confusion and  doubt, working with deep-seated shadow and illusion, dissolving limiting belief systems and  false assumptions.


  •  The work specifically addresses the traps of awakening, areas where people often get stuck,  delusions and pitfalls.


  •  Clarifies and avoids pitfalls, including dissociation, abstraction, feeling lost, suffering due to  meaninglessness & purposelessness, inner division, and being unsure of the way forward.


  •  Resolving the sense there is something more or something missing.


  •  Refinement, clarifying and deepening, with no end point.


  •  Coming into effortless alignment with our own life flow and thus living our highest potentials.


  • The profound benefits of higher consciousness occur in all aspects of your life, so that you can live a richer and more meaningful life, of wisdom, harmony and aliveness.


  •  Living a realized life is a radical shift of perception and identity, bringing with it true freedom, ease and clarity.


Uncovering What is Holding You Back


Lesley Skylar works directly with individuals and groups, to uncover what is holding you back, or causing pain, suffering and confusion.


All guidance, material, tools and practices given are individually custom-designed to meet you exactly where you are on the spiritual journey, identify what your needs are, and pinpoint what is needed for you to move forward directly and rapidly. Given the depth and scope of the work, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome.


The approach used allows you to come to the fullest insights and realization in your own direct experience.

Additional Material


The information and pointers shared on this website are a tiny fragment of the full teachings and material used in working with individuals. To get access to additional material or find out more about how the full, comprehensive teachings and approach can be of benefit to you, please contact us using the button below.   

Private Sessions and Guidance


Lesley offers private one-on-one or small group spiritual consultations, internationally on Skype or Facebook video, or in person.


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When we stop trying to make things


 be as we want them to be,



 We take the position of reality itself



 and become all that is







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