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Living an Enlightened Life

You are a living, breathing, thriving expression of pure presence, life itself.

The true nature of everything, including you,


is subtle unified consciousness or awareness.


Awakening is the deep, experiential realization


That what I am is awareness, life itself.



The discovery that there is no ‘I’ that has this recognition.


Living an Enlightened Life



Coming to living an enlightened life involves integrating your deepest realizations.


It is a process of refinement, discernment and inclusion, where we end up


with the whole world consciously inside of us.


We become every-thing and no-thing.  


Enlightened action is wholeness flowing through


and as you.




Finding peace within 


we are at peace with all






The cost of truth is everything about you that is unreal or false:


Self-deceiving, contracted, defended,


Self-absorbed, or illusory  




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© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

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