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Overcoming Obstacles

If truth, clarity, love and beauty are our refuge,

What can we fear?



The ‘pathless’ path to higher consciousness has many apparent obstacles, such as confusion, doubts, false ideas, unexamined beliefs and assumptions, conditioning, fear, inner division, resistance, defenses, shadow and so on.


In addition, there are dead-ends, wrong turns, areas where you can get stuck, and the challenge of being in unknown territory.


In the guiding and mentoring work that Lesley Skylar does, the primary ways the separate self is sustained or kept in place are identified and specifically addressed.

However, you are in essence the clear space in which everything has its being, including resistance, discomfort, separation and apparent obstructions. How can anything about you be a problem, or an insurmountable obstacle?


There are no obstacles that cannot be overcome, and whatever obstacles or blocks seem to be operating in your life can be worked with to dissolve them. 



When truth comes first, all else falls into place. 

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© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

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