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Pointing Towards Awakening


A short selection of contemplations pointing towards awakening 


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Text from slides above - Pointing Towards Awakening:
-  What is a ‘self’?  What are you really?
-  What lies beyond what you think you are?




-  No idea or thought is true.




-  Does truth liberate thought from itself? 




-  Of what significance is the context of the self?




-  What is separate? Where is division?




-  Where is separation other than in the mind?




-  Do you know beyond any doubt that there IS a reference point, or point of seeing, called self?


   Where, and what is it? 




-  Everything only appears to be separate because you’re looking at it from the perspective of what  


   divides - which is the view of the personal egoic self.


   You’re not looking from the perspective of what is always already unified.




-  To see anything as it is - without any intermediary,


    Such as interpretation, distortion, judgment or opinion, 


    Just clear, simple as it is,


    Is to see the face of truth or God itself.




-  Truth is discovered through discerning what is false. You can never know truth, you can only be it. 




-  DIAGRAM of difference between separate self and True Nature.




-  Reality IS right now.


   Start thinking about it, analyse it, and you’ve stepped away from the direct experience here and now. 


   The direct experience IS what’s true.




-  You are not the pattern. You are the background and space in which the pattern arises. 




-  Coming to see what you really are is a doorway to an entirely different perspective, without the personal   

   self as a center point.


   It is the beginning of release from the limited, bound, personal identity.


   The beginning of a life of true freedom.




-  You are That


   In and as which


   Everything is arising 



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© Lesley Skylar

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