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Small group sessions

The work is best suited to serious and advanced students with a lot

of previous experience in deep spiritual practice and non-dual teachings.

There is no beginner or introductory teaching at this time.

If this matches where you are, you're invited to contact us using the form below:

  • We'll add your name to our waitlist and we'll email you with more information if there are any new groups starting that might be suitable/you might qualify for.  

  • Include a few details of what you're interested in and your experience/depth.

  • Please be sure to specify the name of the Spiritual Community you belong to in your response, if you are a member of one or more. 

For specialized one-on-one sessions for advanced practitioners

(no availability and a waitlist at present):

For Group sessions:

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Everything is connected to

 everything else.

 Nothing or no one is 'alone'.







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© Lesley Skylar

© Lesley Skylar

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