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True Liberation Gallery


A selection for the contemplation of truth and the nature of reality, opening the doorway to true liberation.


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Truth, true nature is knowable as your own being,


through living its very reality now.


Text from Gallery above - True Liberation contemplations:



-  Most people are unaware of their motives, beliefs, conditioning and assumptions. So these covertly          

   dictate their perceptions and actions.


   This is the difference between: clarity (aware, awake, resolved) and delusion, ignorance and confusion  

   (unaware, unconscious, unresolved).




-  What is truth? How do you know what you call true is actually true?




-  Where is untruth? Where is truth?




-  How can you be separate from any of it, except in your mind?




-  Thought is a symbolic representation of Reality. IT IS NOT reality itself.


   By being enmeshed in thinking, we are allowing thought to take the place of reality. We are replacing life      with conceptual constructs.




-  Higher development and enlightenment is NOT about building more evolved, subtle or elaborate      

   structures or fortresses of knowledge.


   It is about dissolving the control of mind and false mental structures that keep us from direct, clear      





-  Truth is all-inclusive and unconditional. What are the implications of this?




-  True freedom is independent of external conditions.




-  Authenticity is living in alignment with the deepest truth you are aware of.




-  True surrender is a relinquishment of all separation.




-  You are not one thing and life another.

   It is one unitary movement.

   You are not a discreet entity surrounded

   by other things.

    ~ UG Krishnamurti




-  Consciousness is one indivisibility appearing in infinite forms, as itself.


   This is what you are and what everything is.




-  What you and everything are:
















-  An indescribable, timeless, infinite field of radiant intelligence and love:


   Pervades all


   Sustains all


   IS all things


   Source of all.


   Pure Potentiality from which all arises.




-  Truth, true nature, is knowable as your own being, through living its very reality now.




-  Liberation is knowing yourself as Life Itself.




-  The greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is your own spiritual awakening – coming to see       

    what is true.


   And in doing so, becoming a clear, unobstructed vessel for life, truth, love and beauty.

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© Lesley Skylar

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