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Deep guidance for spiritual awakening & the journey after awakening 


Clarify any remaining doubts, confusion or conditioning you may

be unaware of, that may be interferring with your further growth

or preventing a full, continuous, stable awakening.


So that you can come to stable, abiding realization

and true freedom.

Privacy assurance - We will never share your information

I work with people from around the world, and find that many have come a long way or know a great deal, but despite this, full-blown continuous awakening or enlightenment eludes them. This is because the old conditioned body-mind structures of thinking and acting in the world 


This work is extremely effective at clarifying any subtle confusion, 

overcoming obstacles, difficulties you may be experiencing. 


Please join me for a free private session 

or discussion to see how this work can assist you either to awaken,

or to -  

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