One-on-one sessions

One-on-one sessions are for experienced/advanced students who are interested in awakening, or deepening their awakening, or stable enlightenment, and who are serious and committed to deepening over a significant period of time. There is an overwhelming demand for my service, so I offer my time and teaching to those who can benefit most from what I share.There may be limited availability or waiting list for qualified individuals.


One-off sessions, or only one session, is not offered (unless I've worked with you before). The work is generally a process of multiple sessions over time (time period varies by person). 


If you feel that where you are and what you want matches what I offer, please contact me using the contact box below, giving some details about your experience, interest, and intention.

If one-on-one is not a good fit for you, you might be interested in group sessions:

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One-on-one sessions:

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